Why You Need  Experienced Uber Electric Scooter Accident Lawyers

Electric scooters are a common form of transportation for adults and youth alike. They are defined as a motor vehicle that can’t go faster than 30 mph, has a motor that does not exceed 50cc’s, and does not require the driver to shift gears. They are somewhat like a hybrid vehicle and are often treated as motorcycles in many states.

Our San Anton io scooter Injury lawyers have have this form of transportation in their sights because there have been many accidents involving these vehicles. This is especially true with the launch of the Uber scooters, which is why there is an increasing in Uber electric scooter accidents.

As a electric scooter driver that was injured in an accident caused by some one else or by scooter defect, you have the right to receive compensation if you’re hit by a vehicle or involved in an accident. Similarly, if you’ve been hit by a scooter or while driving one, you have the right to file a claim with our scooter accident lawyers. But to figure out who is at fault and who should get just compensation, you need an experienced scooter injury attorney at your side.

scooter accident attorneys
scooter accident lawyers

Why Scooter Drivers Have a Higher Rate of Injury

If you drive a scooter or motorcycle, your chances of being involved in an accident in San Antonio are higher than a car drivers.

 It’s important to know that victims of San Antonio scooter accidents have legal options and should hire Uber scooter accident lawyers if they get injured.

As reported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 72.34 out of 100,000 motorcycle accidents—including licensed scooters—resulted in death while only 13.1 car crashes in this same overall amount ended in death.

There is a significant difference here, which is why it’s so important to wear a helmet whenever operating a motorized vehicle like an electric scooter.

Scooters don’t run as fast as cars, and for this reason, they are in greater danger.

Drivers may not pay attention and don’t see scooter operators, making it easy to be involved in an accident.

Who Is Liable in a Scooter Accident?

Scooters are somewhat a hybrid vehicle that’s treated like motorcycles under several state laws. Many states allow occupants to legally drive a scooter on public roads if they obey their specific laws such as:

  • Being 21+ years old
  • Wearing a helmet
  • Having the right braking equipment

You may be asking yourself: Who’s liable in a scooter accident? Companies or riders? Every case is different, and our scooter accident lawyers are here to clarify your options. Many times, the driver is liable for any accidents caused while on a scooter. However, the company themselves may be liable as well if the fault was with the vehicle itself.

It’s important to read the terms and conditions before signing anything, with us you don’t have to worry about it at all, we are looking out for your best interest. There will be a section that addresses who is at fault in the case that something goes wrong. If the company fails to address the issue in a specific section or their vehicle is defective, they are at fault.

Regardless of who is at blame, experienced and qualified Uber electric scooter accident lawyers San Antonio can give you all your possible options and inform you of you the best outcome possible.


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